Procedure for ordering and registering a 3rd party data analysis

  1. Create an account on using steps a) and b) below; if you already have an account, you may skip this and go to the "My Profile" page
  2. a. Go to "Register a Kit":
    b. Enter the requested information and click on "Create Account"
  3. On the "My Profile" page, choose "Purchase Analysis of Third Party Files"
  4. Go through the order process by filling out the forms, clicking on "Submit Purchase", and making payment
  5. Copy your kit number from the order history
  6. Register your purchase by choosing one of: "Register a Kit for Myself" or "Register a Kit for another person"
  7. a. Enter the requested information, including the kit number that you copied previously
    b. Submit a URL (a "link") for your file
When you get an e-mail notification that your results are ready, log in, open your profile page and download your results.